During this global pandemic, we are open and following precautions, including face mask requirements and temperature checks. We have returned to our normal business hours and are actively treating patients. We are taking every precaution necessary to keep our patients healthy. 

Our Services

The therapeutic use of exercise and everyday activities for rehabilitation to those who have, or are at risk for developing injury, impairment or activity limitation.  

A branch of rehabilitation that uses forms of exercise and equipment to restore a person’s best ability to function while minimizing impairments


To provide the most professional, personalized rehabilitation services available, with the convenience that growing communities require.


A hands-on approach using therapeutic massage to stress relief, muscle relaxation, scar revision and increased circulation.


Hutto Therapy Center was initiated with the intent to provide individualized and compassionate treatment. We realize that patients have a choice in their treatment. Together, we strive to achieve optimal physical function while educating and empowering our clients to enable a safe return to productivity and overall wellness.